Atlantis Xcape 76 · Atollvic

With strong architectural references, our design for this unfussy, yet handsome looking, aluminium 76ft / 23m family cruiser is for an experienced Spanish client, once the owner of a large fishing fleet, now since retired.

Length Over All: 23.26 m
Hull Length: 21.00 m
Max Beam: 6.13 m
Max Draft: 1.10/1.90 m
Displacement: 52 Tm
Engine: 2x800Hp
Water: 3,350Lt
Fuel: 9,100 Lt
Boatyard: Atollvic – Shipyard
Interior Designer: Barracuda Yacht Design
Year: 2018
Belliure Endurance 50′

Retaining much of the warmth, charm and character of the original, the new and improved Belliure ‘ENDURANCE’ 50 is an efficient modern-day cruiser, with the allure and appeal of a true ‘modern’ classic.

Length Overall: 15.25 m
Waterline Length: 11.10 m
Beam: 4.20 m
Draft: 2.20 m
Displacement: 80.5 Tm
Ballast: 7.0 Tm
Up Wind Sail Area: 120 m²
Gennaker: 206 m²
Astillero: Belliure
Interior Design: Barracuda Yacht Design
Naval Architecture: Vicente Belliure, Peter Ibold y Barracuda Yacht Design
Year: 2012
RO 400

Cruising Yacht with surprising exterior and interior spaces. Her cockpit is the largest in its class.

Length Overall: 12.5 m
Waterline Length: 11.75 m
Beam: 3.99 m
Draft: 1.90/2.40 m
Displacement: 7000 kg
Ballast: 2450 kg
Engine: 29 Hp
Water: 400 lt
Fuel: 160 lt
Mainsail: 43 m²
Genoa: 38 m²
Boatyard: Ronautica
Interior Designer: Barracuda Yacht Design
Units Built: 40
Year: 2004
Largo 100′ GT

Designed for Largo Yachts, this boat, unique in its class, is entirely built in cold moulded timber with maximum quality finishing.

Length: 10.03 m
Beam: 3.05 m
Draft: 0.82 m
Displacement: 4200 kg
Petrol Engine: 2×420 Hp
Diesel Engine: 2×315 Hp
Water: 90 lt
Fuel: 600 lt
Boatyard: Largo Yachts
Interior Designer: Barracuda Yacht Design
Units Built:
Year: 2003
RO 265

Starter family Cruising Yacht with an extended accommodation both in the interior and the exteriors.

Length Overall: 7.48 m
Waterline Length: 7.18 m
Beam: 2.98 m
Draft: 1.56/1.65 m
Displacement: 2250 kg
Ballast: 858 kg
Crew: Max. 6
Engine: 10 Hp
Water: 80 lt
Fuel: 70 lt
Mainsail: 18.8 m²
Genoa: 17 m²
Boatyard: Ronautica
Interior Designer: Barracuda Yacht Design
Units Built: 120
Year: 2002
RO 340

Cruiser Racer sold very successfully among cruisers, for both family use and mid-level Regattas.

Length Overall: 10 m
Waterline Length: 9.8 m
Beam: 3.25 m
Draft: 1.66/1.90 m
Displacement: 4000 kg
Ballast: 1600 kg
Engine: 19 Hp
Water: 200 lt
Fuel: 75 lt
Mainsail: 29 m²
Genoa: 31 m²
Boatyard: Ronautica
Interior Designer: Barracuda Yacht Design
Units Built: 120
Year: 2000

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OUR PAST · Production Yachts

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