B·62 MY

Length: 62 m
Hull Max Beam: 11.20 m
Max Hull Draft: 3.00 m
Displacement: 97 Tm
Gross Tonage: 1140 GT
Engines (Diesel): 2×1800 Hp
Water: 15,000 lt
Fuel: 150,000 lt
Range / Economic Speed: 7,000 n.m.@11.0 knots
Naval Architecture: Barracuda Yacht Design
Exterior Styling: Barracuda Yacht Design
Year: 2020

62m motor yacht concept comprising five deck levels over an extended waterline length, with more than just a touch of the ‘military’ look and feel about it.

Bordering upon an almost ‘OCD’ obsession for straight lines, right-angles and symmetry, the architectural approach with this concept was to make best use of the space available inside. Potentially, also an extremely efficient yacht to build and maintain, after all, square lines and right angles are easier to design and to construct than obscure angles and rounded curves. Throughout the entire yacht a sense of equilibrium and logic prevails.

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